Some of Our Special Children


Smiling 8 year old Maya was born with Mitochondrial disorder, a degenerative disease. Maya is vision impaired, has epilepsy, is fed via a tube and unable to w ...

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The McCartin Family

Jared and Connor McCartin from Victoria are only the second set of twins in the world to be diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia. They were diagnosed at just 13 months old. The twins have endured three courses of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants and were in hospital for just over 2 years. Both parents had no choice but to give up work to care for the twins. Bestest provided $20,000 in bill payments for the family. This is Jared and Connor today.

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Little 5 year old Sophie has been diagnosed with a rare degenerative disorder which involves the progressive wasting of the muscles in her body.

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