Our Mission

Bestest Foundation’s primary mission is to ease the heavy burden and the neglected needs of children who fall outside the standard boundaries of the larger established charities. Whether that be a child in your street, suburb, or remote country areas, Bestest will help get these children the support they need to battle an illness, obtain equipment for disabilities, gain access to education or provide urgent assistance to children at risk. When they have no one else to turn to, Bestest will be there.

We are proud of the help Bestest has been able to extend to children across Australia. From educational assistance for indigenous children, to an air conditioner for a country child battling terminal cancer or a vehicle for a family of four boys, three with neuro-degenerative disease and wheelchair bound.

Across 10 Gala Dinners, Bestest has raised over $6 million dollars and over 3,500 children have become part of the Bestest family.