The Hon Bob Hawke was born in South Australia in 1929.  After completing his education at the University of Western Australia, (degrees of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Economics), in 1953 – 1955 he studied at Oxford University under a Rhodes Scholarship, graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Letters.

In 1956 he returned to Australia to take up a research scholarship at the Australian National University and in 1958 became Research Officer and Advocate with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).  He was ACTU President from 1970 – 1980.

In 1980 he was elected to the Federal Parliament and in February 1983 became the Leader of the Opposition.  He led the Labor Party to victory in the general election in March 1983 and in winning three successive elections, became Australia’s longest serving Labor Prime Minister.  He ceased to be Prime Minister in December 1991 and resigned from the Parliament in February 1992.  In August 2009, Mr Hawke was given National Life Membership of the Australian Labor Party.

Mr Hawke died in May 2019.  We will miss a remarkable man, an inspirational thinker, a champion for equality of opportunity for all Australians and a man or incomparable passion.